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Interview – Working in the Game Industry in Japan

We have a very special interview from Mike Paxman who is currently working in the mobile games industry here in Tokyo. Mike studied Japanese Language at the University of Sheffield, also helping to run the Japan Society on the side. Aton mebel

He also used to run the extremely popular Japan is doomed blog and has contributed contents to other Japanese culture websites such as Tofugu.

Below is the interview we did together about advice for those who are who are interested in working in Japan and specifically the game industry! Some great contents and hope you enjoy!


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How to do Research on a Company in Japan

When you are job hunting one thing that you will no doubt do is research about a company. It might be the company that you are applying to, its competitors or just somewhere you have an interest in. For anyone new to job hunting this entire process can seem rather daunting, even more so for a Japanese company as much of the material and resources will be in Japanese.http://mensclub24.ru/

What is even crazier is that if you are going to a job fair such as the Boston Career Forum, then there is a chance you will be applying to 10s of companies. That is a whole lotta research!

However there are many sites and steps you can use to simplify the entire process. Trying to think of a good Kibō dōki  (reason for applying)? How about reading exactly what the guys put down that got hired, sounds like some pretty juicy info eh. Not too sure if you will fit in the company and if there is a lot of Zangyō (overtime)? All this information, as well as a companies values, strategy and its entire recruitment process can be easily found on-line if you know where to look.

So far all you job hunting wanna be workers out there I am going to introduce my top sites and own personal method of how I do research on a company. Use it, improve it, ignore it, I don’t mind, but hopefully it will help a few of you out there! Either way it worked for me!



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4 Tips for Beating the JLPT 1

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, for those of you who are not familiar with it is one of the most important qualifications you can get to get you into a job in Japan. Of course there are those jobs out there that do not require Japanese to get, but if you really want a job in Japan where you are doing the same work as your fellow Japanese colleagues, this is your ticket in. Japanese society puts a lot of importance on standardized tests – this is something you’d understand by looking at the fact that every university in Japan has its own humongous standardized test you need to determine if you are eligible to enter. The importance of test scores in Japan holds for foreigners as well. Those of you looking to get your 永住権 (eijuuken), permanent residence, having passed JLPT 1 will increase your chances. Not as in you will be favored more, you will actually receive 10 points in their point system to determine the eligibility of people for permanent residence. If we look at the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) we can understand more about the JLPT considering TOEIC is the main qualification you put on your resume when showing off your English ability in Japan.

Before we get into the tips, let’s talk a little bit more about the TOEIC. First of all, the TOEIC is a terrible measure of people’s aptitude to communicate effectively in English. Even though I have never taken the TOEIC test myself, I can say this because when I was working as an English teacher, I would run into several people who got into the very high scoring brackets of TOEIC yet still had trouble letting me know what they did the day before. With that said, those people with excellent communication ability in English would score well on the TOEIC, but sometimes not as well as those who oriented their studies specifically towards doing well on the TOEIC. With that said, I’m sorry to break it to you, but the JLPT is quite similar. By studying the JLPT 1, you will not improve your Japanese communication ability very much. Before I took the JLPT 1, it seemed like a golden trophy that only elite Japan-o-titans could acquire and whenever I met someone who had passed the test, I very much looked forward to hearing them converse in Japanese. Every once in a while I would be very disappointed and left wondering “how did they pass the master ultra boss that is JLPT 1???”Dekor okno

Tip #1) STOP learning how to write Kanji

The entire test is multiple choice. You do not need to write a single Kanji for this test unless maybe you have a Chinese name and you need to fill your name in Kanji on the first sheet. DO NOT waste your time on this. Actually, this is something I would recommend for anyone interested in getting into Japanese society. The last time I had to write a Kanji down from memory was when I needed to write my address on a form. THAT’S IT. That is me putting my hours and hours of Kanji writing to work. If you ever really need to write something out by hand, just type it out on your phone and then copy it down. I would recommend for beginners to learn stroke order and the method for writing Kanji down, but don’t learn how to write all the Kanji. If you’re one of those people who get a rush from Japanese people saying すごい!!漢字書けるんだね! (Sugoi! Kanji kakerundane! – OMFG you can write kanji!) Then go ahead and learn 10 Kanji that you can whip out on the fly and impress every Japanese person out there

Tip #2) PRACTICE TESTS, start them NOW

Go out there and find as many practice tests as you can. Two hours spent taking a practice test and getting a feel for how the JLPT1 is structured is immensely more helpful than spending two hours learning words and phrases like 燕雀鴻鵠 (enjakukoukoku – Only a hero can understand a hero). The JLPT1 is tricky on purpose, and it should be, because it really tests whether you completely know the material. With that said, it can just be downright tricky. Getting a feel for the test and how everything is structured will make you much more comfortable and allow you to access information in your head much more effectively. You’ll pick up a bunch of important phrases, words and Kanji along the way too. Even if you only studied JLPT1 practice tests and nothing else, you would still have a great chance of passing the test.

Tip #3) LISTEN all the time

Listening is incredibly important when learning any language for any purpose. Not only will it help your brain recognize patterns, similarities and rhythms, your brain will that audio you heard for later use and access it when you are studying. For example: You may have heard this phrase Goran no suponsaa no teikyou de o okuri shimasu a million times but not quite know what it means. Then, when you’re studying and you learn the word 提供 (teikyou – supply), it clicks and sticks in your head a fraction of the time because you’ve heard it a million times and your brain can relate it to something. For this reason I would recommend listening to the same audio multiple times. Got a news podcast? Your Japanese isn’t quite good enough to understand but only 20% of it? Great. Listen to Monday’s podcast 8 times on Monday and Tuesday’s 8 times on Tuesday. Listening like this will directly prepare you for the listening portion of the JLPT1 and make everything else so much easier.

Tip #4) SENTENCES, not words

I know there are people out there who just absolutely love rote memorization of words. That’s fine, I used to memorize digits of pi during my high school math class. However, this won’t help you nearly as much as memorizing whole sentences for the test. This will put the target word in context, making it not only easier to remember but also easier to apply. At the same time you learn a bit of grammar. One thing that was very helpful for me when studying was to have my list of target grammar and list of target vocabulary words side by side and then make sentences with the two. Then I would memorize those sentences.

The JLPT1 is an excellent qualification to have on your resume and while it is hard, it is not out of reach. Once you get to know the test more, you start to understand exactly what skills are needed and you will then be able to know very confidently whether or not you will be able to pass before even stepping into the exam room. Make a road map for yourself of what skills you need to acquire and strengthen before you take the test and you’ll definitely do well. I can’t even write “Happy Birthday to you” down on a card without looking at my phone and I passed it. It’s not that hard. Good luck and happy studying.

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Tokyo Café Corner: #003 “dining & bar USAGI” – Shibuya/Tokyo


What do avocados, rabbits, and British Rock all have in common? Well, not that much actually, unless you want to take into account the morbid fact that Percin, a fungicidal toxin found in avocados, is in fact deadly poisonous to rabbits, or the fact that Led Zeppelin have a rare live LP from 1969 called ‘Dancing Avocado’.

But who cares? The fact is that USAGI, located halfway between Shibuya and Omotesandō just off Aoyama-Dori, binds these three things together and somehow makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world. Make no mistakes, this place is as about as quirky as they come and that is exactly what I love about it. It even has its own theme song.

Turn off the main road and find its Ivy covered façade, littered with mismatched pots and an assortment of rabbit statues, then walk through it’s the doors and you will find yourself in a parallel, albeit cozy and homely, dimension where British rock and memorabilia from yesteryear blends seamlessly into a love of rabbits and avocado accompanied food.

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Training in a Japanese Company Part 2 – Salaryman Boot camp

Hell you have met your match; its name…… Salaryman boot camp.Марши лестниц

Welcome to part two of a series of articles looking at what happens after you make the best decision of your life and join a Japanese company. Specifically we are focusing on the training period.

For those that missed it, part 1 of the series looked at the pre-entry training (yep the training will often start BEFORE you even get in the company) . Pre-entry training is kind of like an early Christmas present, a Christmas present that punches you in the face and makes you write an apology letter. Oh yeah.

This article is the first that looks at the initial training you get AFTER entering the company.

Much like the external exams mentioned above, this gasshuku (Remote Training) isn’t in every company, but it is present in many. For those who don’t know any better the concept of business gasshuku sounds almost fun. You get to stay in a hotel for free, get free meals and also get to know the new people that have also joined the company. Plus if you are a foreigner all the Japanese you can handle! Heck most people have to pay for this!

In reality though gasshuku is often one of the toughest things that any shinnyuushain will go through, regardless of nationality. My own experience brought me down to my knees and almost had me leaving the company (and I like to think I don’t throw in the towel easily) I mean I made it through the recruitment process, and that was no walk in the park !


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Tokyo Café Corner: #002 “TACOS Café HoLa” – Harajuku/Tokyo

Head out from Harajuku station, battle past the crowds, crepes and touts on Takeshita Street, ignore the multitude of designer and fast fashion chain stores clinging to Meiji Dori and head straight for the backstreets of Harajuku – ‘Ura-Harajuku’. The real beating heart of this area, here you will find a plethora of small independent boutiques and generally quirky stores sprouting from every side of maize like back streets. Whilst not completely unknown to tourists, the local crowd you will find here are somewhat different to that of the more popular (and busier) spots in Harajuku. It feels more real.Focuz

In the middle of all this, down a side alley and on the corner of a quiet street you will find ‘Hola’, an Okinawan themed taco café – not a bunch of words you often find together  in the same sentence, but all the better for it. 

Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-27-3

10 minute walk from JR Harajuku station

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11:30 ~ Dinner 16:00 ~   Mon-Sun  Open Holidays


education for being a baseball or a football coachLately I have been really delving into the operations over at AT (NYSE:T). This included discussions surrounding the funding of its dividend and whether the dividend would be raised by more than a penny. While there was much discussion generated from wholesale nfl jerseys my recent articles, we also learned that the company was set to spend a lot this spring on the airwaves Fake Oakleys auction. We further learned of new revenue sources from the company. But, the question of what would happen with the dividend remains. Now, the big source of debate stems from those calling for immediate rewards following the DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV) purchase. I certainly empathize. But today we just got some pretty big news out of the company that relates to the possibilities that stem from the acquisition during a presentation today.This and other information is available in the company’s Transparency Report, to which the Twitter spokesperson directed The Hindu when it cheap nfl jerseys sought the company’s response. “We have asked social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook and Gmail to base their servers here. The official said these companies had expressed their inability to install servers in India owing to “financial constraints.”Keep your eyes on the receiver until he looks back or is about to catch the ball. When he is about to catch the ball, swat the ball out of his hands, or tackle him and try to knock the ball away from jordan sale him. If you are in great position to make a play on the football then go for the ball and intercept it.”My Wholesale Jerseys disciplinary decision led the public to question our sincerity, our commitment, and whether we understood the toll that domestic violence inflicts on so many families,” Goodell wrote, via USA Today Sports. “I take responsibility both for the decision and for ensuring that our actions in the future properly reflect our values. I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better.Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate wholesale jerseys china your digital access.Manage your account settings. ET Jan. ET Jan.2. Vikings fans, once they defrosted, were heard muttering, “laces out laces out.”3. Still, Blair Walsh has to make that kick. From 27 yards? And holder Jeff Locke has to get the laces out.4. Respect to Blair, though, for taking all the questions after the game.5. He then broke down in tears at his locker. Sad. But, still.6. Seahawksjust won’t go away, will they?USA TODAYSeahawks stunned by own magic as Panthers rematch looms7. Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter. Won’t bet against him again, will you?8. What exactly was everyone expecting Saturday night in Cincinnati in a playoff game between two division rivals that don’t like each other? It went according to script.9. Sadly for the Bengals, that meant they became unglued when it counted most. Like they always do.10. And yet everyone wants to hire their coordinators. Still can’t understand that one.Get all the latest cheap jordan news on the Pittsburgh Steelers! Check out USA TODAY Sports’ SteelersWire!11. Ben Roethlisberger’s return to the field after being carted off with a shoulder injury: Heroic or the marvels of modern medicine?