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Alcohol and Work in Japan

My last article introduced you to some of the main alcohols that are available here in Japan. I also talked a little bit about who they were aimed at, as well as some background about how the genetic make up of a percentage of Japanese people mean they can not physically drink alcohol. Here is a handy dandy link for those that missed it.Выбор садовой мебелиWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Ok, this article is going to focus specifically on alcohol and how it relates to working life here in Japan. I said in the last article that a few of you might be thinking “What has alcohol got to do with work!?” my answer being “Everything!” and oh boy does it!

Ok so this video is like THE textbook example and I am not saying that it is ALWAYS like this. But when I first started working I was cautioned multiple times about the way I poured, or for not noticing that my seniors glass was empty i.e. I should have been filling it up.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

In my own experience I have witnessed the same advice being given. I have a Japanese friend who entered the company at the same time as me, who had the same worry as above. He said that he didn’t particularly like alcohol and couldn’t drink that much (1-2 350ml cans). During one of our orientation lectures he asked one of our oakley outlet seniors what he should do. The senior employee answered with that he should drink more! That the more he drank the more he would come to like alcohol and the more he would become able to drink! What surprised me even more was that my friend responded saying that he would try his best to drink more and would drink at least two cans a day to train his body! As if it was some kind of homework to do. Crazy stuff.

I myself love to drink. So was totally over the moon when I heard about all this drinking that would be going on in my company (I was actually asked in my last interview if I liked alcohol and could drink a lot! I often wonder if I had said no, if I would have not gotten the job). However when you are at the bottom of the food chain there is a lot of 300만원대출 non-fun things you are expected to do. Furthermore many Japanese people assume that foreigners can drink a lot and often want to test this crazy theory out.  Finally it is indeed an extension of work, so don’t expect cheap jerseys china the conversation to be anything too exciting either, unless after 9 hours working you are up to spending another 4 hours talking about more work matters.

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