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    Japan’s New Graduate Job Hunting 2021 – History, Background and Current Situation in 2021

    Job hunting as a new graduate in Japan is a unique and confusing process. Did you know that often Japanese university students will begin their job hunting a full year before they graduate? Also companies have unique processes such as information seminars, group interviews and written exams? Some large companies such as Toyota will aim to hire more than 1,000 students every year. It is one of the most stressful times in a students life, the number of suicides due to this job hunting more than doubled since 2007 with 15% of the suicides of university students due to job hunting. But, how did this process start and why?

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    How to do Research on a Company in Japan

    When you are job hunting one thing that you will no doubt do is research about a company. It might be the company that you are applying to, its competitors or just somewhere you have an interest in. For anyone new to job hunting this entire process can seem rather daunting, even more so for a Japanese company as much of the material and resources will be in Japanese. What is even crazier is that if you are going to a job fair such as the Boston Career Forum, then there is a chance you will be applying to 10s of companies. That is a whole lotta research! However there…

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    Internship – Oneway Ticket to a Job in Japan

    I never intended to do an internship after finishing university. I wanted to get back to Japan ASAP and work at a Japanese company. I wanted to taste the real Japanese working culture and take my Japanese above the N1 level, and at the time I thought the only way to do this was by working at a Japanese company full time. If that was not possible, then working at a foreign company in Japan would be the next best thing. The only thing I didn’t realize was just how crazy hard it would turn out to be to find a full time job in Japan while being in a…